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Swordman: Reforged

Publish Date: April 11, 2019
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Swordman: Reforged — get ready for new adventures of monster hunters in this exciting platformer with RPG elements. This is a revised version of Sword Man — Monster Hunter, which has received significant changes in terms of graphics, gameplay, and game content, because here you will expect even more cool weapons and levels. You will play as a monster hunter who goes on a long journey to uncover the causes of a mysterious phenomenon when inanimate objects suddenly come to life. The road to the goal will be fraught with many difficulties, traps and of course, the enemies you have to kill.

Defeat creatures, find and create incredible weapons, and explore hidden places on the map, including dangerous dungeons. Sword Man: Reforged will be a perfect pastime because of the interesting storyline imbued with mystical events, at the same time easy and smooth management of the main character. Continued received a completely new user interface, the ability to collect dozens of weapons, a powerful system of passive and active skills for the main character, and more.

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