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Pot Shot

Publish Date: March 21, 2019
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Pot Shot — somewhere in the area of the Islands Yokka-Pukka, inhabited by creatures with unusual skin color and wayward character, a formidable pirate named Joe hid countless treasures. However, where exactly is forgotten… Your main goal as a promising pirate is to find and return these riches stolen by emerald creatures by any possible means. Thanks to the three-dimensional graphics, it is possible to approach the island from any side (360 degrees) and find a perfect place to attack. In addition, you need a good eye – fluctuations in the sea, as the waves themselves, the developers of the game Potshot Pirates 3D made very believable. Shoot buckshot or kernels on the brash and gloating targets green, spread wood chips in wood, glass, stone and steel — and back gold pirates.

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