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Idle World!

Publish Date: June 10, 2019
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Idle World! — clicker on Android, in which you step by step create and develop a planet from the beginning of the origin of the world to advanced civilization. Here, the incremental gameplay, ie, you need minimal effort to go through the many stages of the evolution of the planet. Start with water and oceans, then open the atmosphere, plant plants, add animals and so on. Each subsequent improvement will require energy, it in turn gradually accumulates and you will spend it on future upgrades. After some time, your desert world will be inhabited by different representatives of flora and fauna, and then there will be people with their huge cities and other types of man-made structures. Idle World is a casual Android game with the ability to create a world as you see it, a large number of sections with updates, cute animations of the planet, as well as endless hours of gameplay.

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