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Pirates Outlaws

Publish Date: March 7, 2019
Updated Date: March 19, 2019 in 4:36 pm
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Pirates Outlaws — card game about pirates, where you will go on a voyage for wealth and glory. Here you will start risky sailing on a sailing ship, explore the endless ocean waters, swimming from island to island until you get to the very edge of the map to fight the boss. The ship has action points, choose a point on the map and spend some of them, getting to your destination. Join turn-based battles with dozens of bandits and defeat at least twenty strong bosses. The mechanics of the battle are as follows: you have three ammunition, which are used for cards and you need to choose the appropriate cards from the set, such as shot, hit, give an order, etc.

At the end of each battle you get coins, the ability to unlock one of the three cards and relics. Edit your deck of cards to make profitable combinations and thus move forward, where you are sure to meet even stronger opponents. Pirates Outlaws is an Android game from an indie developer with a randomly created world, cute visual and audio design, more than 250 kinds of cards in several episodes, exciting sea adventures filled with secrets and tactical battles.


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