Publish Date: July 15, 2019
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CardGames — the game for Android devices is a collection of the most popular card and Board games with flexible systems of arrangements, as well as the ability to change backgrounds, decks of cards and shirts. All games can be played without the Internet, against the computer. Games for several people, such as “Fool”, “1000”, “Debertz”, “Nine”, “hold’em poker”, “Omaha poker”, “Hearts”, “Burkozel”, “101”, “Painted poker”, “Joker”, “king”, “Goat”, “TERZ”, “checkers”, “Corners” Backgammon”, “Domino”, “Chess”, “Points” can be played over the network via Bluetooth, Wifi or the Internet. When playing on a local network, you can play with friends and computers at the same table.

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