Triple Agent

Triple Agent

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The description

Triple Agent — great detective game for Android devices with 5-9 players, which will give pleasure to both beginners and avid players. It is intended for the company with secret agents, setups and investigations. Each player is secretly assigned the role of secret service agent or virus double agent. Only VIRUS AGENTS know who’s on which team. However, at the beginning of the game, VIRUS agents are always smaller than secret service agents, so they need to set up service Agents against each other to win.

Players take turns. During the game there are events that give information about other players, forced to move to another team or put a certain condition for victory. The information is given in person, and each player decides what can be revealed to others. For a double agent VIRUS is a great opportunity to sow doubt among other players. Secret service agents should be careful not to disclose information to the enemy that they may use against them. At the end of the game, each player votes who should be arrested. If a double agent is arrested, the Secret service wins. Otherwise, the VIRUS organization wins.

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