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Monopoly Classic

Publish Date: October 4, 2017
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Monopoly Classic – the old familiar monopoly is now in your android. Accordingly, already intrigued by excellent quality and good graphics. The essence of this board game is to walk on a square field, throwing a dice and moving a chip, while performing various actions depending on the cell that you have stood on. You can buy land, build houses, buy hotels and eventually increase their rank. Getting on the opponent’s cage – pay a fine or perform another specified action. Of course there are cards of chance and pr.attributes of this wonderful game. One of the best board games will not disappoint you! Create your own monopoly !!!

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  1. monopoly apk 04.04.2018 in 03:38

    Your work is just excellent.I really love your work and thanks for sharing this resources.

  2. Cross 14.07.2018 in 16:47

    Why does this app needs a “phone state and id” permission ?

  3. lah 20.07.2018 in 17:25


  4. Frantz allen 25.11.2018 in 12:58

    On my phone a blu vivo 11+ hard time when i get to the exchange frame cant select any card

  5. John L. 27.12.2018 in 09:47


  6. Miscel 03.01.2019 in 23:09

    Quando voglio scambiare le proprietà è un casino… i tocchi non combaciano… pessima

  7. Sorrel 02.07.2019 in 17:18

    Best monopoly. Let’s you trade, build, choose your tokens, etc. Adjustable difficulty and house rules. Nice graphics. 10/10


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