Drapers Merchants Trade Wars

Drapers – Merchants Trade Wars

Publish Date: May 29, 2019
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Drapers – Merchants Trade Wars — board game for Android, the essence of which is to try to become one of the most successful fabric merchants in the vast Mediterranean basin. Sounds like-would be simple, but in fact everything is a little different. First, gamers will need to constantly compete with other traders (you can play with both artificial intelligence and real players, both locally on one device up to eight people, and through the global Internet). Secondly, to invest the means earned by trade in development of own plantations, hiring of workers, construction of factories, and many other things. And thirdly, which is also important, you should never forget about hiring high-quality security, because competitors will try to put you in the wheel by any means (hire pirates, set fire to the property, in the end, dumping against you).

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