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War Plane 3D – Fun Battle Games

Publish Date: May 18, 2019
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War Plane 3D – Fun Battle Games — action on Android, in which you have to conquer the sky and start the journey for a super fighter. Show your air force to the enemy, avoid missiles and destroy them. The choice will be available 10 world-famous fighters with a rating of 2 to 5 stars, who can not wait to experience the JC-20, F-22 and other air fighters. Make your fighters stronger with powerful weapons! Air machine guns, long-range guided missiles, multi-purpose missiles, combat aircraft and many other weapons and parts can be arbitrarily modified and upgraded to your preferences. If you don’t have enough gold coins to buy high quality weapons and equipment, that’s fine! You can upgrade low-level weapons to achieve high-level effects!

At the moment, the game has 8 maps, 8 island battles. Each battle has 6 levels and a total of 48 levels waiting for you to challenge. Drive your fighters to join this air battle and defeat opponents!

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