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Trespassers – Trailer Defense

Publish Date: February 18, 2019
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Trespassers – Trailer Defense — protect the trailer of the main character from evil creatures in this arcade with elements of “tower defense”. In this game on your Android device you will defend the van from numerous spiders, goblins and other monsters that attack it from different directions. No one knows where the monsters came from, but only in your power to give a decisive rebuff to evil creatures. Instead of putting the tower, as is usually the case, you need to go first in the attack, without waiting for the enemy to come too close.

Move the hero and his assistants to different locations, thus destroying enemy forces with ordinary fists or with small arms. Each killed enemy adds coins, thanks to them you will buy all sorts of upgrades for weapons and spend other upgrades aimed at strengthening the character and his team. Mobile game Trespassers: Trailer Defense is made in pixel art, here is a tactical arcade gameplay, music in the genre of country, a variety of upgrade abilities and weapons.

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