Tigers Waves Of Tanks

Tigers – Waves of Tanks

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Tigers Waves Of Tanks

The description

Tigers – Waves of Tanks — it is necessary to begin to travel faster on the lands of fascists who occupy the lands of Russia. Use convenient control and start to accelerate the wheels on the sleepers. The better equipped your train, the better you shoot the enemy tanks. Inside the shop you will be allowed to put a machine gun, rocket launcher and bulletproof plates. You’ll be living armor all over the hull. Get out of your destination and on your way. Look at this beautiful graphics in the style of war and cartoon. Just striking such realism in such a simple game. Use an interface that is more convenient than ever before.

Quickly destroy the tigers – a Nazi Germany tanks, which are very strong and shoot straight at the target. Shoot each other and find their weak side. There are still hordes of such enemies. Go through step by level. Each will become more complicated as the game continues. You’ll be stuck here for a long time. Free time will just fly by.

The main character was very fond of military trains in childhood. He was amazed by the special effects of destruction and realistic sounds of accelerating the train. In sleep he was a gunner against the enemies and shot them all in batches. When he woke up there was only one disappointment. Dad worked for the railway but with a not take. He grew up and is now ready to repel the Nazis and absurd killers.

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Publish Date 22.08.2019
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