The Zamazingo – Dark Adventure Land

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The description

The Zamazingo – Dark Adventure Land – a project in the spirit of Limbo. An intricate plot with a very gloomy atmosphere, which makes you feel all the hopelessness of the game world. Dark locations, fog and a number of interesting tasks to solve.

The plot tells the story of Mark, who lived quietly in a small village and enjoyed life. However, in the world in which Mark and everything else exists, a time machine was present. She was transported in an airship that crashed near the village of Mark. The main character dared to check what happened and crept closer to the crash site. The old time machine was able to drag our hero into another dimension, which is called Zamasingo.

Colors slowly fade, all objects turn gray and a strange sense of hopelessness appears. Waking up, Mark realizes that he needs to find a time machine to travel to his present dimension. But everything is not so simple: there are a lot of traps here, not to mention the frightening world around. The journey to return home begins right now!

The gameplay is very similar to “Limbo”: you need to control the main character and guide him through traps, using speed and ingenuity. The levels are presented in the form of solid 2D locations on which circular saws, spikes and other objects are scattered that can end the life of the protagonist. Many traps are carefully hidden, so being careful and careful is the most important thing. Atmospheric soundtrack contains the sounds of flying birds, phantom rustles and other moments that contribute to the formation of a herd of goosebumps on the body.

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Updated 12.06.2020
Category Arcade
Latest Version 1.2.9
Publish Date 30.04.2020
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