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Super Spartan Fury World

Publish Date: December 8, 2016
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Super Spartan Fury World – classical two-dimensional platformer with colorful graphics, the plot of which is based on the myths of ancient Greece, of course, in an alternative design. By chance, the divine Mount Olympus evil descended and began to wreak havoc in the mythical land, in order to save the mountain from the evil Zeus calls on one of the best fighters, King Leonidas and povilivaet him to address the problem.
You also have to help the brave war to destroy evil, using not only their own fighting skills, but also a variety of magical things. The entire game is divided into more than 40 levels, each of which is another chapter in the story line of the game. Overall, Super Spartan Fury World is a great platform game in classic style, with simple controls and colorful graphics.

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