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The description

RogueHero is a very nice and dynamic beat ’em up arcade game in which players can spend their free time in a classic way. In the role of a cool and fearless character, they will join the battle against hordes of opponents. After each stage, they will battle with a huge boss. It should be prepared by spending all available resources for pumping skills and weapons of the ward. At the same time, the project implements a rather non-standard development system, which will help to gain an advantage over opponents. Well, if gamers choose everything correctly for their preferred tactics of action.

RogueHero is a beautiful action-rpg with a side view, where you will find hundreds of heroes and dynamic battles with the most unusual enemies.

There is no plot in the game, but there is a brave death knight, armed with razor-sharp blades. He decides to embark on a dangerous journey filled with hundreds of enemies, magic and legendary weapons. Help him in bloodthirsty confrontations and do not let him die, replenishing his health in time and escaping from enemy attacks.

The character, armed with blades, is located in the middle of the location, he is able to move forward and backward, as well as sharply accelerate in the direction of movement. To control, you can use the buttons or the virtual joystick located on the left side of the screen. There are no levels in the game, enemies attack in waves, and from all sides, they can even appear at the place where the main character is located. The ward attacks on his own, the player can only quickly move around the location and not fall under the shells of enemies. Coins, elixirs, restoring health and valuable items fall out of the destroyed monsters.

Reprisal over enemies allows you to fill the strip with the current character level and as soon as it reaches the end, you will have one of three improvements to choose from. For example, an increase in attack, an increased chance of a critical hit, restoration of health, additional shells, poisonous blades, freezing opponents and much more. Upon returning to the main menu, you can open chests with armor, weapons and skills that are useful in battles.

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Updated 29.05.2020
Category Arcade
Latest Version 2.6.00
Publish Date 17.07.2019
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v2.6.00 - Mod: 1 Hit Kill
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