Pixel Survival Game

Pixel Survival Game

Publish Date: June 2, 2019
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Pixel Survival Game — is it difficult to survive in the middle of the forest, without food and surrounded by mutated animals? The answer to this question knows exactly the main character of the new game Pixel Survival Game, who got lost in the woods and is now forced to fight for their existence, getting food, firewood and fighting off the constant raids of local residents.

By and large, Pixel Survival Game can be attributed to a variety of defensive strategies, only with a bias on a small role-playing component. So, for example, the player will need to live the greatest number of nights, erecting protective constructions and developing the General physical characteristics. But it should be taken into account that each building requires resources that can be found by examining the surrounding area .

Since every day the enemies are becoming more aggressive, you can not do without a good weapon. It can simply be crafted, collecting the necessary materials, or knock out of a particularly dangerous monsters. By the way, in Pixel Survival Game you can also create traps that can destroy an enemy in an instant.

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