Hotel Mania

Publish Date: April 12, 2019
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Hotel Mania — in this game you want to control the Elevator and time to deliver hotel guests to the desired floor. You have been appointed responsible for the operation of the Elevator, using only two buttons: up and down, you need to move the Elevator to bring guests to a certain floor where they need to get out. Will have to act very quickly, because the floors begins to accumulate all of the guests and if you do not have time, the game ends. More difficulties will add special characters, because they own superpowers, which will make the task more difficult, for example, the light on some floors may go out, the Elevator control buttons to swap places, etc. Cope with the responsibilities in the game Hotel Mania as efficiently as possible, then you will earn a large number of coins to upgrade and decorate the hotel of your dreams, as well as unlock dozens of unique designs of rooms with crazy but funny characters.

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