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Half-Life 3

Uploaded: November 2, 2017
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So after the successful launch of the rocket with a satellite in the White Grove and the closure of the superportal over City 17, the protagonist Gordon Freeman and Alix Vance, are going to set off on the old repaired Mi-8 helicopter to the Arctic in search of the missing Judith Mossman and the lost icebreaker Borey. Eli Vance goes to the helicopter hangar to carry the heroes on their journey, but at that moment two Alliance Advisers break into the hangar, one of which kills Ilay. Another Counselor immobilizes Freeman and Alix with telekinesis and is already preparing to kill Alix, but they are rescued by the robot “Pes” who came to the rescue, forcing the advisers to retreat. Episode Two ends with the sight of Alix, crying over the body of the deceased father.

Half-Life 3 has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.
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  1. notimpotrant 08.11.2017 in 06:31

    half life 3 confirmed i guess

  2. Urdu Maniac 13.11.2017 in 04:20

    So does this mean Half Life 3 is finally confirmed?


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