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Combat Hoses: Bubble Royale

Publish Date: February 18, 2019
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Combat Hoses: Bubble Royale — action game for mobile devices, where the strongest remain alive! The rules are quite simple: get ready for battle and as soon as you appear on the battlefield – fight in the “every man for himself”, collect items that give advantages to your character. Stay alive at all costs, because only one player will come out of the battle winner! Down with simple weapons! In your Arsenal there is only a pump that can inflate enemies to dizziness and then blow them up like bubbles.

The classic mode is designed for 20 players, where everyone is for himself. The whole map is mined. Attacking a mine means losing, so players must stick to safe roads and plan routes in advance for a tactical advantage. As the game progresses, the safe zone will gradually decrease.

Items will appear on the map, from accelerating boots and invisible boxes to teleportation and jumping through minefields. Collect items and use them wisely, leaving no chance to defeat your opponents!


  • Global rank that is visible to all players on the battlefield;
  • Character skins to your taste;
  • Shop where you can buy upgrades for your character

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