Cat In The Tower

Cat in the Tower

Publish Date: July 22, 2019
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Cat in the Tower —in this funny arcade game for Android you will control a plump cat. Cling to the walls, swing, avoid enemies and traps, climb higher! Collect coins to get to the last level and fight with Kio! Unlock new cats! Some cats have a special hook that can greatly simplify or complicate the following upgrades to the tower.

Legends say that the wizard built this tower full of traps and only creatures full of courage and bravery, will be able to pass it and get part of its bottomless wealth, but bad luck, the wizard is dead, and the tower was captured by his younger brother cat Kio, who does not allow you to get out of the tower, as long as you do not die. Go up to the top and fight Kio, stop this tyranny.

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