Beat Balls The Magic Loop

Beat Balls: The magic loop

Publish Date: May 31, 2019
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Beat Balls: The magic loop — run objects to the rhythm of playing music, so they do not collide with each other. The gameplay is very simple to understand and it will deal with any person. Each new touch sends the ball to move along a closed path, if you choose the wrong time, the two balls will collide and have to start the passage again. However, if all goes well, they will move to the rhythm of the musical composition and you can easily pass the level. In the future, the gameplay is only complicated, add more balls and all sorts of obstacles. Beat Balls is a rhythm arcade game for the Android platform, where simple one-touch control, a lot of songs for every taste, nice graphics and effects, various skins for balls that you will open on the coins received, as well as more than 70 levels that challenge the player’s skills.

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