Airplane Wars

Publish Date: February 20, 2019
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Airplane Wars — game in genre .io, where you control an airplane and compete in the arena for the right to be the best. If you like competitive arcade games, then it’s time to test yourself in exciting arena battles. Fly a paper plane in search of energy balls and collect as much as possible to increase in size and move even faster. When you take the lead, the plane will be over the crown, but be careful, because the opponents may face you and destroy the aircraft. However, nothing will prevent you from doing the same, deal with opponents to earn extra points.

Even on the location there are bonuses, such as collecting a magnet you will attract objects with a wider radius, which gives some advantage for the duration of the effect. Airplane Wars is a very easy to understand Android game with fast matches, where in a couple of minutes you have to break into the top rankings, as well as easy one-touch control, you only need to specify the path by moving your finger to follow the selected route.

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