World Quest

World Quest

Publish Date: July 26, 2019
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World Quest — choose your hero and begin an exciting adventure in an immense fantasy world. Starting to play, you should decide on the class of the hero, it can be a shooter, a wizard attacking enemies with fire magic or a killer with sharp blades. First of all, you will pass quests and collect loot to pump the level and as a result, the characteristics of your hero. Try to get the best things and unlock more skills while traveling the dynamic world with other players. In many ways, here idle gameplay, ie. the main character is constantly fighting with opponents, even when you are not around, so when you open the game next time, you will have to wait for new things, opponents and tasks. It should also be noted that the hero fights automatically, but you can participate, determining what is the best use of abilities and items. World Quest is a world filled with adventures with a variety of tasks, loot and enemies, the ability to unlock numerous skills for your hero, joining the Guild, as well as equip your character with the best weapons and armor to cope with opponents of any complexity.

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