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Whispers of a Machine

Publish Date: April 18, 2019
Updated Date: April 18, 2019 in 2:53 pm
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Whispers of a Machine — this is a sci-Fi game in the style of Scandinavian Noir, telling the story of Vera — cybernetically augmented special agent investigating a series of murders. Behind these atrocities lies something even more frightening, and Faith soon goes to a group of fanatics who are trying to create an artificial superintelligence — a technology outlawed almost a hundred years ago.

Faith does not facilitate the task, and the ghosts of the past, inappropriately reminding about herself and caused her to doubt in your own mind and your own value system. In investigating Faith helps high-tech nanosubstance called blue. This unique technology allows her to develop superhuman abilities corresponding to her psychological state. Form your own style of play and use augmentation to investigate, gather information and solve puzzles with many options. In this fascinating story with existential twists and several endings the mystery revealed by Faith will have monumental consequences not only for itself, but also for all mankind. Will she have enough strength, skills and intuition to solve the case?

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