Unknown Fate

Unknown Fate

Publish Date: May 17, 2019
Updated Date: May 26, 2019 in 12:31 am
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Unknown Fate — a surreal puzzle adventure with a first-person view, gorgeous graphics and a mystical story. Together with the main character named Richard, you are transported into a completely amazing world, which is filled with puzzles and unusual enemies. In this adventure you will meet a lot of strange – looking creatures, interact with artifacts and watch videos that tell about the scenes from the past of the main character. Richard doesn’t remember much, but he knows the main thing, he does not belong here because the world where they have taken him, so different from our usual that the main character is going to me and leave this universe to go back to my normal life. Embark on an exciting journey now to overcome all the difficulties and restore the fragments of the memory of the main character, it will reveal the secret of how he got here. Mobile game Unknown Fate is an adventure with numerous puzzles for one player, a fantastic storyline, solving puzzles using super powers, as well as unusual and dangerous worlds at the same time.


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