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Railways of Love

Publish Date: February 18, 2019
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Railways of Love — an interactive road novel about love and fate in the best traditions of Russian classics. Lonely man and woman go in a common car back home from the city of the future. Read the text on the screen to feel the stories of the main characters and influence their fate so that they can confess their feelings to each other. This will not happen on the first attempt, but each time you will learn more details from the past characters, which in turn will allow to make the right choice and affect the further development of the storyline. In communication it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest details, consider them, building a chain of events that will provoke our heroes to the relationship. Railways of Love is a representative of the genre of text quests with numerous dialogues, as well as the ability to choose from several options that lead the development of history in one of the alternative directions.

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