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Publish Date: May 21, 2018
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The paper kingdom is torn to shreds. From this chaos, Paper Anna finds herself in a new world, where she begins a journey in search of herself. On the way, she finds herself in several well-known tales and rewrites them in her own way …

In every fairy tale, players can freely redo the lovingly made paper world to solve unpredictable, ever-changing puzzles. We will help Anna to go through the magical transformations and fulfill the tasks of the Cheshire Cat, which plays with balls of wool. With our help, she will unravel the deceitful speeches of the Chervona Queen and take care of her dear friend – the Ugly Duckling. We’ll see how she plays melodic songs with a ballerina, fights on the side of the Tin Soldier and tries to dispel the dark spell of the evil Mouse King …

But she herself is not from these tales. Can Anna find her own fairy tale?

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