Ninja Runner

Ninja Runner

Publish Date: August 8, 2019
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Download 0.1 (Mod: Unlock the card) APK

Ninja Runner — horizontal runner with elements of action, where you as a brave ninja trying to break through dozens of monsters and obstacles. Ninja is not able to move independently for this player will use the arrows on the left side of the screen and the jump button on the opposite side. During the passage of the levels you have to jump over the abyss, sharp stakes, circular saws, poisonous pits and more. For monsters, use a sharp sword, shuriken and acceleration, however, for the last skill activated only after collecting certain artifacts scattered on the locations.

The difficulty increases from level to level, there are some new enemies, such as magicians, launching you fireballs, obstacles and more. Unfortunately, once to pump the stats of your character or change his appearance, alas, will not work.

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