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The description

Minecraft Earth — The world of Minecraft breaks into our real everyday life due to modern augmented reality technologies. From now on, creation, exploration and survival will be incredibly realistic-meet Minecraft Earth!

Freedom of creativity

Now something to create in the game universe will be many times more interesting. Your work will take on a new scale. You can share them with other players. They, in turn, will be able to get acquainted with your creations.

Meet the mobs

Feature Minecraft Earth not only that all the usual mobs are present. There were also numerous exclusive. You will have the opportunity to engage in the output of unique variants of mobs, and then you can send them to their buildings.

Find associates

It is much more fun and interesting to create masterpieces with new friends. You can start working on a small scale with your friends. And after sharing their buildings with all the maximum scale. Minecraft Earth is a great excuse for a little travel.

Explore the environment with the game

Even the most familiar and inconspicuous yard with the game will open in a new light. During small walks you will be able to collect resources, face various obstacles and so on. Look at everything around you differently!

The enemies are on the alert

Do not forget that in the gaming universe plenty of hostile mobs, which you can stumble in the usual place. Hone your survival skills to always be ready to strike back.

One of the goals of the game product is to make sure that regular players show more physical activity and walk in the fresh air. To use the features of the game, in any case, you need to leave your home. Also, the game will be a great reason for you to meet with your friends and immerse yourself in gaming adventures. To some extent, Minecraft Earth is a full-scale update of the game loved by many.


  • The game currently does not work for everyone.
  • The game requires a mobile device with Android 7 or newer OS and support for ARCore
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Updated 04.06.2020
Category Adventure
Latest Version 0.19.0
Publish Date 31.08.2019
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