Lucid Dream Adventure – Point & Click Game

Publish Date: April 3, 2019
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Lucid Dream Adventure – Point & Click Game — little Lucy lost her father and at the same time the ability to walk. She lives a lonely life, locked in a small apartment with her sick mother. There seems to be no way out of the prison she lives in. Deep down, Lucy wants to be a hero, and she really wants to help her loved ones. One day she discovers that there is a secret passage to dream like a Wonderland, like a world of dreams. Lucy unknowingly begins a great journey. On the dream side everything is colorful, beautiful and full of magic. Being in a dream, she can walk and run again. She takes advantage of this opportunity and goes on a mission to find help for her mother. Achieve the impossible will not be easy, you can not trust your friends and enemies everywhere. You will meet characters with bad and good intentions. Your decisions will matter, choose wisely, otherwise you may get lost in a dream that can suddenly turn into a nightmare on elm street. The colorful world of dreams may soon become the biggest enemy. Lucy needs to save her soul and fight the demons and monsters chasing her, will she escape from the endless nightmare? Will you finish all the difficult games and free your mother from suffering? You can try it all for free in Russian.

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