Lost Lands 6

Publish Date: March 8, 2019
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Lost Lands 6 — meet a small but anniversary release of the new part of the beloved by many games from the creators and developers of Five-BN Games. Once again, Susan was in the Lost Lands, but this time she was in danger. Making her way through the streets of a small town, she ran. She was running from a creepy spider-like monster that was chasing her. Finally she saw the familiar house in which she was again – the house of the magician Marona. Susan knocked, but no one answered. Then she pushed the door – it was not locked – and went inside. She immediately noticed a young girl in the house, and at first she was afraid, but then she realized that the stranger was not going to hurt her. The girl spoke to Susan and asked her to be afraid. And after the stranger introduced herself, Susan calmed down completely. This young girl turned out to be flora, granddaughter of Marona. Susan remembered that the last time she had seen her was a long time ago, when flora was a little girl. But, as it turned out, have girls were big trouble.

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