Little Misfortune Demo

Little Misfortune Demo

Publish Date: May 24, 2019
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Little Misfortune Demo — very original game in its style and its plot content. The main character in the game is a little girl who, like most children, loves her mother. This boundless love, made her desire to find and give your mother happiness, in the full sense of the word. At all – good desire to, but his excessively a strong emotional component, led to unexpected outcome. The girl began to hear a voice that prompted her to certain actions, and she, in turn, began to follow all his advice and recommendations. The main character will be in the enchanted forest, where she will meet a lot of animals and be able to tame them. Even the fish that inhabit the local waters will listen to it and help in everything. Help you, this little girl, to find the cherished happiness for her mother. After her journey, it will be very dangerous!

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