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Life is Strange

Publish Date: June 19, 2018
Updated Date: July 21, 2018 in 11:27 pm
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Life is Strange – an episodic adventure game on android, which consists of five parts. In this game you will follow the plot of the game and watch as the main character can rewind time and influence it in order to save his best friend Chloe Price. The main characters are investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber and recognize the dark side of life in the Gulf of Arcadia. Changing time, Max must understand that, not influencing her, she can forever change the past, which will lead to the destruction of the future. Plunge into the incredible world of adventure and mystery and enjoy visual effects and excellent graphics.

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  1. Shadow 12.07.2018 in 00:22

    thanks brother. can I request an app I want ( da vinci eye apk if you can uploaded please.


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