Layton Pandora's Box In HD

Layton: Pandora’s Box in HD

Publish Date: June 25, 2019
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Layton: Pandora’s Box in HD — a classic game from the Nintendo DS received an HD re-release for mobile devices. Reissue puzzles from Level-5 includes all the content of the original game, HD-graphics and full adaptation for touch control. Also in Pandora’s Box there are no in-game purchases — the reissue has retained the premium format of the original.

Professor Layton — a series of adventure puzzles about the adventures of Professor of archaeology Hershel Leighton and his assistants. The plot of Pandora’s Box, the second game of the series, begins with Professor Leighton receiving a letter from his mentor Dr. Schrader. In the message, the doctor wrote that he found a mythical box that can kill anyone who opens it.

Arriving at the shredder, Leighton discovers the lifeless body of his old friend and a few clues indicating where the box may be. Now the Professor, along with his student Luke should go in search of her.


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