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I am Reed

Publish Date: February 18, 2019
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I am Reed — sequel to the classic pixelated platforming adventure with a new protagonist. Players will take on the role of a cute cat, which is actually the creation of a powerful supercomputer. Help your character save the world, and for this find the lost cubes, passing difficult tests at each level. The player must deftly overcome a variety of traps, jump on enemies to neutralize them, move on moving platforms, collect cubes and different bonuses.

According to the developers, the levels in the Android platformer I Am Reed are quite difficult and not everyone will be able to pass them from the first time. Explore lovingly made locations to discover hidden secrets and try to reach the very end. Among the features of this project: nice graphics in pixel style, electronic ambient music, simple control scheme character, a lot of difficult levels with a variety of obstacles and earning achievements.

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