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The description

Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle game with emphasis on realistic physics, where a player controls a character named Bob. The whole game is Bob’s dream series. Each dream must be completed to the end, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. In the arsenal, Bob has only himself: his body and arms.


In the hands of the players, Bob resembles a plasticine man – he can bend at almost any angle. Management in Human: Fall Flat is modest: in addition to the usual walking and jumping, the character can extend the left or right hand (left and right mouse buttons or gamepad bumpers, respectively, depending on what to play). An outstretched hand will catch on the first affected object. If it’s a small item, like a box or stone, then Bob will pick it up. By touching a “heavy” object – wall, floor, and so on – the character tightly clings to it. This is not an exaggeration, since it will only detach if the player releases the button.


The levels differ not only in design, but also in detail – the further you advance, the better and more detailed the world will be. The look of the puzzles is also changing: for example, Castle will make you explore the medieval fortress in search of a way out, while Demolition will lead the player along the construction site and allow you to break more than one wall.

And here it is necessary to give credit to the Human: Fall Flat developers – you can plunge into any level, as in a separate game. All 10 locations available at the time of writing this review suggest enormous replayability and allow you to spend hours exploring the area with interest. And authors sometimes add new maps, which is why the field for research is only growing.


Human: Fall Flat is made in low-Poly style, which is why the whole environment around seems pretty unpretentious. Yes, in fact, there are many curved objects in the game, the same stones look very strange, but low-poly assumes such a performance. Moreover, do not forget that you are in the world of dreams. Almost all the surroundings, with the exception of some objects (cars, for example), are painted in a rather dull gray color.

Research for research

However, a disadvantage also arises from this. Offering a large area for research, the game, as a rule, does not reward for this. At the location “Mountains”, if you get off the main road, you can stumble upon a hill with a cave. Rising, I see the entrance to the cave, closed by a grate. On the other side of the grill, I see a descent down. Where do these corridors lead? What is hidden in this cave?

I climb over ledges to the other side of the mountain, make my way into the cave from the other side. I grab the flashlight, climb into the winding tangled tunnels. A small luminous green cube catches my eye. I don’t know what he is doing, but with all his appearance the game shows that he must do something. I grab the cube, find a few more, put them in one slide, and … get the achievement on Steam. All. Further, the cubes can at least be lowered from the mountain – their role on this ends. There is nothing more interesting in the cave either. And there are many such examples.

In fairness – in Human: Fall Flat there are funny achievements that are interesting to receive (at the same level you can get an achievement if you throw a music column from the balcony of the house). But achievements should not be the ultimate goal of all the fun of the game. Sometimes achievements are also not put at the top of the corner – in one of the rooms I broke all the windows, to which I heard an unhappy grunt of an unknown person. Of course, such attention to details and Easter eggs pleases, but there is a feeling of incompleteness. It seems that in some places of the game something is missing, and that in some places the developers left the design halfway.

Our summary

To summarize, Human: Fall Flat can be attributed to a good indie game. The project has its drawbacks in the form of incomplete detailing of maps, but its pluses – interesting gameplay and creativity accessible to all users – clearly benefit from the minuses.

The game is suitable for you if: you like to explore the map and play with physics; you are used to looking for your way to solving a problem; you have a friend to play together or enjoy a single player game.
The game will not suit you if: you need to be led by the hand; you like intense, colorful, “meat” gameplay.

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Updated 26.05.2020
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