Gumball Super Slime Blitz

Gumball Super Slime Blitz

Publish Date: July 12, 2019
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Gumball Super Slime Blitz —in this adventure game for Android devices you have to overcome an incredible obstacle course. Collect 30 crazy characters of the cartoon “the Amazing world of Gumball”! You are waited for by Gambol, Darwin, anais, Banana Joe, Carrie, penny, Ocho, Tobias and other favourite heroes! Demonstrate the wonders of speed and agility! Climb a mountain full of crazy and dangerous obstacles. Go as far as possible, avoiding spikes, lasers, ice and lava guns! Try your luck in the slot machine with prizes. Win special bonuses, including extra coins, protective bubbles and powerful punches! And you can get a variety of funny tails, just like a comet!


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