Good Pirate

Publish Date: March 16, 2019
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Good Pirate — get a unique experience of sea battles, commanding a fleet of pirate ships. In the story, the pirates on their ships went on a long voyage, where they were attacked by evil sea monsters and the enemy fleet, as a result, almost all the ships were sunk. It’s time to re-assemble a team to avenge the bitter defeat. Form a powerful fleet and go to the conquest of dangerous waters, where you expect incredible adventures. Open fire from cannon guns to sink enemy ships and destroy giant sharks, octopuses and other creatures. Good Pirate is a mobile game on the Android platform in which you will find an easy to learn and exciting gameplay with battles at sea, the ability to build and upgrade various sailing ships, battles against huge bosses, a large-scale game world including more than two hundred Islands, as well as clear controls.

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