Fran Bow Chapter 4

Publish Date: March 21, 2019
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Fran Bow Chapter 4 — the fourth part of the atmospheric horror quest about a girl suffering from mental disorders. It’s about a little girl who went crazy and ended up in a mental hospital after the terrible death of their parents! Our heroine’s name is Fran bow, and after the death of her parents she had only her favorite cat and aunt grace, who began to take care of her. But one day something happened… her cat disappeared, and Fran herself was taken to a mental hospital for children. After some time, she had a dream with her cat, and she began to prepare an escape plan… During her journey home, she will meet with strange creatures that will help her learn the truth about the murder of her parents.

Feature of game:

  • Psychological Thriller with a tragic plot.
  • Unique graphic style with unique, hand-drawn pictures and animation.
  • Taken without asking drugs will open the way to a terrifying secret world that will help you solve puzzles and find hidden objects.
  • A great variety of puzzles with different levels of difficulty, which are organically woven into the plot of the game.
  • Three mini-arcades, each decorated in its own style, connect the parts of the narrative.
  • Interactive pet Mr. Midnight, for which you can even play a little.
  • More than 50 unique characters, each with its own story.

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