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FoxyLand 2

Publish Date: March 26, 2019
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FoxyLand 2 —continuation of the platformer, in which you will dive into a new great adventure with Fox Fox! You will find more than 40 new and enchanting levels! Fox Fox cub now lives in a house with his beloved Jenny and little foxes. And all was well until the evil Duke and his brother Jes attacked the house of foxy! They trashed everything in it and … kidnapped little Tim and Cindy! Foxy and Jenny are forced to go on a dangerous and unusual adventure around the island to prevent the Wolfie Brothers to carry out their insidious and evil plan. Play together with a friend to collect as many coins and cherries on the way to the final battle with the Wolfie brothers. Explore new lands, defeat enemies, bypass cunning traps and meet new inhabitants of the colorful world FoxyLand 2!

Peculiar properties:

  • New Fox Fox story
  • A game FoxyLand!
  • More than 40 challenging and interesting levels!
  • New locations: Dense forests, Hot deserts, Mushroom valleys
  • Dangerous traps and enemies!
  • Beautiful Pixel-Art graphics by Simon404

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