COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzle Story

Publish Date: April 2, 2019
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COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzle Story — betrayal and crime in the city Morkva: fast food, sausage rolls and donuts under the leadership of pigment max are breaking the law and interferes with the quiet life of citizens. Sheriff carrot and his police go to the crime scene to find clues and solve all puzzles and riddles. Fast food is everywhere, sausages are aggressive and now Carrot needs to find a way out of the maze on each of the exciting levels. A fascinating vegetable slider and escape from the maze!

Solve puzzles and riddles to solve crime and betrayal. Fast food breaks the law – do not let the harmful food to escape from the maze and go straight to the crime scene to find clues. A friend of carrot’s – a traitor broke the law, and now the avenger Sheriff and the police – his partners – are looking for evidence to uncover the betrayal. Start the escape from the maze – take revenge, restore the law and stop the crimes! The sausages are after you, so be careful.

Peculiar properties:

  • Sokoban style slider: find a way out of the maze, avenge the betrayal
  • Various characters: Sheriff carrots, Gopnik donut, a traitor, potatoes, sausage rolls and other
  • Puzzles and riddles: Sokoban slider
  • Police vs fast Food: look for clues, solve crimes
  • Many levels and a fascinating story: the police on guard HLS

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