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Coco Bongo

Publish Date: February 22, 2019
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Coco Bongo — an exciting game that will plunge you into the world of jungle and adventure. Run, jump, collect bananas, coconuts and help Coco Bongo free his girlfriend Chita, who was kidnapped by robbers and put in a cage to take away with him from the island. Like all monkeys, our hero loves bananas, so here he collects them, and we have to help him in this. Try to collect all the bananas that you come across on the way. At the end of each level Coco Bongo has to come into a cave which he can open, having collected all bananas. You can get to the exit only if you do not face enemies, do not fall into the pits, and do not come into contact with other obstacles. Sometimes you have to make complex jumps on trees and moving platforms, you need to be very careful.

Feature of game:

  • “Coco Bongo” – adventure platformer;
  • Jungle world, cheerful music, beautiful landscapes and colors;
  • Exciting adventures in the jungle;
  • Saving friends cheats and dangers lurking in the jungle;
  • 15 exciting levels where you need to defeat the robbers and find Chita.

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