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Publish Date: March 27, 2019
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CATHERINE THE VAMPIRE — this is a story about a girl Catherine, who is a vampire and lives more than 500 years alone. As the sun was sinking below the horizon, Catherine was just beginning to Wake up in her small room, which was located in the damp basement of an abandoned house. Previously, this house lived homeless, so the house had old furniture, and the walls were partially sealed with worn Wallpaper. A new day did not foretell anything unusual and she did not knew what she should do today. Bloodlust did not bother, because the other day she went hunting and now you can forget about it for a few days. Sending a glance to the left she saw a cat, she trusted these animals and in her life there were many cats, given that she lives for more than 500 years. Taking her in his arms, the girl left the house on the street, where it was dark and begin the adventures of the main character of which you will learn by playing Catherine the Vampire on your mobile device.

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