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Car Transport Airplane Flight

Publish Date: November 19, 2016
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Are you ready to become a fearless, fast racer and pilot at the same time? Then let us begin with the best plane driving and simulation game. Car Transporter Airplane Flight is a complete amalgamation of sports car, airplane takeoff, transporter simulation, heavy vehicle, cargo duty, cargo transporter trailers game. In this game you will be assigned some simple tasks at the beginning, and with the passage of time and levels up gradation your tasks will become hard. But you have to make your passion alive, don’t lose hope if you cannot cross your level, try again and achieve more scores in the form of points by playing this amazing game. You can enhance or upgrade your game with the help of coins that you have earned.

First of all you have to drive a real speedy, fast and heavy sports car; your task is to drive this heavy sports car ruthlessly in the airport and save yourself from being caught by the cops and drive the car right into the plane. Make sure the plane you drive in is your own plane; you don’t go to the wrong plane. Driving your sports car right inside the aeroplane shut the doors of this loader plane that is carrying these heavy, expensive and amazing sports cars in it. Once the door of the plane is closed, now your cars are safe and it’s your utmost duty to fly the plane save being a perfect pilot along with an amazing racer. Car Transporter Airplane Flight is a complete package of racing, driving, drifting, escaping in point and pilot. It is totally up to you whether you want to spend more time driving the car or you want more perfection in flying an aero plane.


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