Agatha Knife

Publish Date: April 18, 2019
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Agatha Knife — the game is about a little girl who loved meat so much that she is ready to kill everyone for the sake of satisfying hunger. Its aspirations are to use a knife, but only animals are afraid that they all throat cut. You do not want to become the next prey for other individuals, they are all looking at the victim as food, and it’s scary. Someone else’s fate is unknown in the line of compassion to the heroine until she looks into the eyes of her opponent. It turns out it’s hard to be the most alive girl and kill other creatures because they have brains in their skulls, too.

It remains only to trust that prompts heart, and instead of cold-blooded use of someone else’s body for the sake of satisfaction of the hungry desires it is necessary to inspire to animals that they will receive happiness after death. In short, the philosophy and belief creates a religion for the living creatures that are in development are lower than people. They can lie so much that everything will be taken for truth, because they are only inferior beings. They will be an ideal prey for their enslaver, because they will believe that it is necessary to die, then to find well-being and joy, somewhere in an unknown place and only after death.


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