Zombieville USA 2

Zombieville USA 2

Publish Date: July 21, 2019
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Zombieville USA 2 — the sequel to the popular zombie action game on Android. Ahead of the main characters are waiting for serious tests, as the walking dead has become much more, and the levels are more thoughtful and heavy. The purpose of the combat unit – to conduct a global sweep of the territories of the infected.

If you compare the game with the first release, it is worth noting significantly changed gameplay. If earlier it was necessary to move only forward and backward, now you can run in all directions. Accordingly, the enemies can appear at any point, which greatly complicates survival. For the passing of a level is allocated a certain time before a quest is impossible. If earlier for the extraction of money and ammunition had to break into the house, now you should not miss the trash cans, cardboard boxes, telephone booths and other lying objects, as the supplies are hidden there.

In Zombieville USA 2 presented a large number of characters to choose from with a fixed price of 50 units of game currency. Also expanded the Arsenal of weapons, and each model can now be pumped to achieve maximum damage to the enemy. Under the updated gameplay was adjusted and management. Instead of the two arrows on the left is now used a full joystick that allows you to direct the character in any direction. On the right are the buttons for firing. Initially, there are three of them, and each is attached to a certain weapon, which in turn allows you to quickly switch, for example, from a pistol to a shotgun.

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