Zombie Idle Defense

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The description

Zombie IDLE Defense is a cool game against the vile dead that will help you have a great time. In this game, you are given a unique opportunity to fully customize your character. You can customize the look to the smallest detail. Choose a hairstyle, facial expression, hair and skin color, physique, and even buy him various clothes.

The essence of the game is that you find yourself in a post apocalyptic world where more than half of the population turned into the walking dead. All this happened after an unsuccessful experiment at a nuclear power plant, which humanity will remember for the rest of its life. All animals mutated or even died. All the greens that bloomed and smelled: dried up and burned under the scorching sun.

In “Zombie IDLE Defense”, you simply select a weapon and kill a wave of zombies who want to enjoy fresh meat. The game has a very large selection of weapons, from brass knuckles to a sniper rifle. Each weapon has its pros and cons, but all have basic characteristics. Speed ​​determines how often you can strike in one second. The weight of the weapon, it would seem, is not so important in this situation, however, you should understand that sometimes you will have to run away from the zombies, and the large weight of the weapon will decently slow you down. And of course, power, the most important characteristic that determines the damage from a single shot or strike.

The developers of the game “Zombie IDLE Defense” thought about the diversity of not only weapons, but also zombies. Each new view you will automatically record in your diary. In it you can see a brief description of the zombies and find out the strengths and weaknesses of this species. Someone has great armor, but low speed. And someone is quite the opposite. Therefore, each dead man needs a certain approach, which suggests the idea of ​​carrying a second weapon with him in unforeseen situations. Download the game right now and destroy these vile creatures with us.

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Updated 12.06.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.1.9
Publish Date 11.05.2020
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