World War Polygon

World War Polygon

Publish Date: April 8, 2019
Updated Date: July 29, 2019 in 10:32 am
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World War Polygon — first-person shooter in the setting of the Second world war with a single campaign and PvP modes. There is an ongoing war and the world needs heroes who can challenge evil and defeat it. You are invited to be one of these fighters, start the battle in a single-player campaign, accompanied by epic moments of cut scenes and heroic deeds. Play as a brave soldier who will pass a difficult way to Berlin. You will visit the Western front in Normandy and even find yourself in the role of a Soviet soldier who must survive the battle of Stalingrad.

At the levels of the campaign you go through a variety of missions, such as shooting machine guns at enemy aircraft, hold and protect the current position, the destruction of tanks and bunkers from a Bazooka and this is not a complete list. Single mode is fun, but that’s not all that can offer Android game World War Polygon. Play online in team matches 4 to 4, and kill hordes of zombies passing daily tests. There are tons of weapons and consumables with improvements, low-poly 3D graphics, dangerous boss battles, fully customizable controls, multiple modes and a global table of records.

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