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Publish Date: May 4, 2019
Updated Date: July 12, 2019 in 11:33 am
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WENJIA — platformer that will send you to a fabulous two-dimensional universe, where you will encounter an interesting story and go through a series of tests, in order to achieve this goal. The game world is divided into two kingdoms, the territory of which you have to explore, moving from one location to another. These kingdoms are presented as a material and energy world, each of which is unique in its execution, and has prepared for you quite a few interesting events. Each island will constantly face some kind of problems, and you will pass the obstacles associated with them. It will require the manifestation of your strategic abilities, wit and speed, which will effectively pass through the enemies and danger. The main character acts in front of us as a kitten who plunges into a fairy-tale world to go on an exciting but at the same time dangerous journey. The story will tell you about the existence of the forest, which was at rest for a long period of time, until its territory began to destroy a sudden earthquake. The lava exploded and it led to the danger of life of the spirits of the mountains, which you and go to save.

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