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Wasteland Ninja

Publish Date: February 19, 2019
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Wasteland Ninja — fight against alien monsters playing for a girl named Rebekah. The parents of the main character were military and from the early years of her life she may already have a good understanding of different types of weapons. When she turned 12, began the invasion of aliens on Earth and the girl had to join the resistance, to ensure other people ghostly hope for victory in this unequal war. Rebecca was able to kill several hundred enemy creatures by activating an explosive device in the heat of battle.

After the battle, she gained fame and nickname “Redback Spyder” from the soldiers with whom the main character saved the world. However, after some time, Rebecca has an accident, when she comes to, a new page of her life begins. On each round you have to jump and shoot at enemies, getting game resources for it. In the future, buy new weapons and improve it, then cope with more serious opponents.

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