Suburra: The Game

Publish Date: February 26, 2019
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Suburra: The Game — start your journey through the darkest side of Rome in this original adventure game from Cattleya. Subura is the name of one of the areas of Ancient Rome, which was considered a very dirty, noisy and dangerous place. Through the centuries, a criminal boss named Samurai, wants to build a new Las Vegas in the suburbs of Rome and other criminals are joining forces to achieve a common goal. Suburban: the Game is an adventure game where at the beginning of each level you are given a choice of three characters. Then you will participate in risky missions, interact with other characters, collect items and find useful information.

However, successful missions will require more than that. At the end, the player must take the decisive action, choosing between personal ambitions and other characters, decide whether to share the collected information with his comrades or not. Therefore, your first task is to find the best balance, the only way to win. In addition to this, there is an augmented reality mode that makes the gameplay even more exciting. There are more than a dozen intriguing locations, charismatic characters and author’s graphic design.

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